Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Formation of blood

    Blood consists of two parts:

    Founded elements: the cells.


    Plasma is the liquid part of the blood, and the blood cells are suspended in it.

    Plasma consists of water, organic matter, and he refused, and minerals, dissolved gases and hormone antibodies.

Constitute elements of blood

    Constitute elements of blood are of three types:

    Red blood cells or red blood cells or red blood cells.
    White blood cells or leukocytes.


    Red blood cells or red blood cells or erythrocytes anucleee the cell so that the flow in the capillaries and up to human tissue.

    Red blood cells whose sole function is to transfer carbon dioxide from the tissues to the lungs and transfer of oxygen from the lungs to the tissues: the exchange of gases.

    It contains hemoglobin protein facilitates the transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide on one of its components, heme.

    Red blood cells contain enzymes also whose mission is to produce energy in the demolition of glucose, and thus allows him to live.

    Life of 120 days.
    The level of red blood cells: 4-5500000 / MM3.

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