Thursday, August 8, 2013

EMDR in couple therapy

EMDR practice applied to the couples can work rebalancing in depth both in terms of the specific problems that is vital for their marital partners.
Integration of EMDR in couple therapy
Discovery of EMDR is a revolution in the grim prognosis that was once given to patients in a state of disorder post-traumatic stress. A better understanding of this treatment and the development of new protocols have to approach and then successfully to treat other disorders such as phobias, some depression, and manifestations, including some recurring symptoms such as painful mind member after amputation and even psychological disorders.
The basis and reasons to seek help
If you think we immediately think of a couple of couples suffer treatment, argue, accuse, usually in an attempt to control each and every one to the other by all means take, do not hesitate, unfortunately in many of often blend their children, their disputes. It is certainly not wrong, literature and more enthusiastic about the film lament - "I love you, I too" - due to the launch of real violence, unfortunately, we see that it is the most important reason for consultation. From what I've seen, I would say that it is not public. The reasons are many, every case is different, and the requirements for the various specialists.

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