Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cause of liver damage


Smoking harms the liver and the whole body . Most people know the major risks that are associated with smoking : heart disease, lung cancer and respiratory diseases. Recent studies have shown that smoking is harmful to the liver consuming too, and exacerbate the damage if cigarettes and alcohol at the same time . Just like alcohol and nicotine addiction , and it can be very difficult to give it up . Most provinces and territories have a hot line for smokers.
OTC analgesics

Located painkillers generally into two categories . The first category includes acetaminophen . The active ingredient in Tylenol , is all analgesic ( pain-relieving ) and antipyretic ( fever-reducing ) . The second category includes non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) known as ibuprofen or aspirin and the active ingredients of Advil and aspirin . Each class provides pain relief and reduces fever and pain killers , and also has anti-inflammatory properties . Some people claim that painkillers are gentler on the liver , but in each class of drugs toxic to the body if it is exceeded the recommended dose . In many cases, the reduction of people suffering from Hepatitis C to painkillers , side effects and symptoms , but it is important to take the recommended doses . For more information about pain control , the patient should consult a doctor with hepatitis C.

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