Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Liver Care

    Should aim airlines from hepatitis C who want to live in good health to avoid or minimize damage to the liver . To do this, you need to know in order to answer two questions : What kind of things can damage the liver ? What can we do to help the liver ?
Harmful Alcohol

Stop or reduce alcohol intake is the best decision a person can do to promote the health of the liver. It is not known exactly what amount of alcohol on the liver of people who suffer from hepatitis C is a serious , but as far as what is important to consume , the more damage . The best option is to stop drinking completely, but most health experts agree that the liver is able to withstand a drink from time to time for a special occasion . Everyone has a different tolerance level , and it must be remembered that the " special events " does not happen every day .

Many people have problems limiting the consumption of alcohol , especially if they have an addiction problem . A severage gradual and the use of self-help group , and program services for drug treatment or counseling to reduce alcohol intake successfully.

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