Sunday, January 20, 2013

Eye - Reflective Body

Eyes, Plato said, the windows to the soul. Convinced that provides a general overview of the state of health, some therapists use to diagnose the panel.

It all started in Germany over a hundred years here. Stroll around the young  is an owl with a broken leg. He brings the injured bird home for treatment. Watching an opportunity for him, that the iris changes its protected along with his health! This discovery, says the legend, fascination  so he move forward the decision to become a doctor and research in the field of diagnosis of the eye.

Here is 3000 years the Chinese have tried to identify diseases on the basis of changes that occur in the colored part of the eye. In Europe, the disease caused changes in the pupil have been known since antiquity. With the accumulated knowledge, diagnosis or iris increased significantly during this century, confirm an Iridologist who takes the same time the position of Dean.


In this way, hypnosis can treat phobic disorders, anxieties, addictions, pain, psychosomatic illness, etc.. Hospitals in Geneva and Lausanne, for example, it is used in burns to reduce their pain particularly acute when changing dressings.

It allows children to support cancer easier bites. Even used to try to turn a baby who presented in breech position in the womb, in order to avoid a cesarean. "I asked him patting her stomach as if she was playing the piano and at the same time, to represent the path between . While she touched her belly, the baby moved." Hypnosis can also help solve a problem in a child too restless under therapy family where the mother is present. But, adds Dr. Salem, "this method has its limitations. This is not a trick that works every time. Much depends on the quality of the people involved and their mutual trust. If no trust or if the context of the intervention does not lend, responsiveness to suggestions becomes very small or zero. "

Hypnosis without risk does not exist. "The main cons-indication, the therapist"

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Attending a hypnosis session, it is most often see nothing except the emotions that can fit on the face of the hypnotized. During this weekend for therapists, is proposed as a guinea pig and sat on the chair next to. Their legs are crossed in the mirror. wants to offload a fear. She did say no more. In a slow and quiet voice, the specialist suggested he strongly relive this fear.

 A few minutes later, he encourages them to return to a state of tranquility and keep this fear at a distance bearable. Then, if it involves a difficult thing to do, to live by this act of imagination. "Take the time not to do violence, he said. Allow things to come in their place very slowly." Tears began to stream down the cheeks of Isabelle. "You have the right to cry. Should give you time to feel" it "is unbearable. You must respect you, respect your limits, to distinguish between tolerable and intolerable." And that's all.


The housewife who dreams to his cup of tea, the student who escapes into his thoughts in the middle of a course, the driver automatically reaches its destination without remembering the details of his itinerary live this dissociation. But during a hypnosis session, under the guidance of a hypnotist intensely present, trance is much deeper.

The interaction verbal and nonverbal paraverbal that develops between the hypnotherapist and the patient is paramount. If we stick to appearances, hypnotized has taken the insignia of sleeper and there is no question for him to use his strengths, senses and mind for the benefit of any task. But he does not sleep. According to  rehabilitated hypnosis in medicine, it is a state of extreme mental concentration: the patient's mental faculties are so engrossed by one idea that, for a moment, it becomes dead or indifferent to any other consideration or influence

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