Thursday, February 14, 2013

We are under the double impact

We are under the double impact of cosmic radiation and terrestrial

And wherever you go, this exchange COSMO-Telluric available. Naturally balanced, it is a powerful energy phenomenon. For those who can detect, the network geobiological translated into vertical walls and invisible, and arranged at regular intervals on the NS and axes EW. These walls radiate a certain density, double crossing points ("Telluric node") and under the influence of external factors.

There are several factors that may increase, such as underground streams, or electrical interference problems relating to building effect of radiation is the network or the province. Art is all geobiologist highlight exactly biological network to identify potential problems and, if possible, to meet them. He has to his analysis of the equipment but also sensitivity. Remarkably sharp and to identify and detect all kinds of problems, but also and above all to all of this phenomenon is less complicated.

Terrestrial biology

The purpose of terrestrial biology is a place to study impact of all living organisms. Let's start with the man ...

The ancients knew that the place in which we live, and, above all, can sleep in a place that have a very direct impact on the health and psychological. Terrestrial biology, as it is practiced today articulated from the beginning of the century by a number of parameters. Science, art and technology, it is complex, because they both use physical evidence, and other, more subtle and measurable not necessarily.

The man, between heaven and earth ...

Constantly exposed and we double effect of cosmic radiation and terrestrial radiation. This has been clearly demonstrated, especially by the Germans and Hartmann Carey in 1950. Thus the famous "Hartman network." Are


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