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Vedic Treatment

"The main road leading to the transfer of knowledge in this period, oral traditions and the language and Sanskrit - Sanskrit Vedic period (2000-500 BC) and compile the authentic teaching and is currently working as part of a thesis as Sushruta Samhita available It contains for 184 chapters and description .. Diseases of 1120, 700 medicinal plants, and 64 of the preparatory metal preparations and 57 of the beast. "

Underwood and Rhodes in 2008, argues that the first phase of traditional Indian medicine determine fever (TaKmAn), cough, consumption, diarrhea, edema, abscesses, seizures, tumors and skin diseases (including leprosy). He also at this time to evacuate cosmetic surgery, cataract surgery ambition fluid in the abdomen (ascites) and extraction of foreign bodies, and treatment of anal fistula accused - diseases treat complex - including angina, diabetes, high blood pressure and accounts were known cure fractures and amputations and caesarean wound sutures. The use of herbs and surgical instruments and widespread.

Other ancient books on Ayurveda Charaka Samhita is the account attributed to Charaka. The oldest written document related extracted Sushruta working farmer manuscript is dated in the fourth century. Bauer manuscript quoted directly from Sushruta and is of particular interest to historians and because of the importance of Indian medicine and its concepts in Central Asia. His work has been collected on traditional medicine - Vagbhata - the son of a former doctor named Simhagupta. At the beginning of Ayurveda Medical School and School of operation included. Tradition says that the text Agnivesh tantra - written legendary as Agnivesh, a student of the legendary saga Bharadwaja - have influenced the writings of Ayurveda.

Wrote the Chinese pilgrim Fa Xian (about 337-422) for the health system of the Gupta Empire (320-550), and - by the way - a description of the process, the institutional approach of Indian medicine, which is also in the work of Caraka, which in the Hospital and related equipment described. I Madhava, and Sarngadhara Bhavamisra compiled (1500) Indian medicine works. Each company has Sushruta and Charaka medical translated into Arabic during the Abbasid Caliphate. These acts made their way in the Arab Europe through them. In Italy the Branca family of Sicily and Gasparri that Bologna Tagliacozzi familiar with the techniques of Sushruta.

He traveled to India British Medical Rhinoplasty by local media to participate. And published articles on Indian Rhinoplasty in Gentleman's Magazine in 1794. Joseph Constantine Carpue spent 20 years in India studying local plastic surgery methods. Carpue was able to reach the first major operation in the Western world in 1815. Instrument has been subsequently amended described in Sushruta Samhita in the West.

Ayurveda an Indroduction

Ayurveda and said nityam apurusheyam (literally "eternal and not created by man"). Received despite its great principles to external influences (Greek, Chinese, Farsi, Tibet). This system was in Turks for several centuries after the Muslim invasions in northern India since the eighth century. Along with the recovery in Europe and has been shown to Ayurveda. With various European colonialism, especially British, has this drug been repeatedly harassed and prevented from English. Only with independence in 1947, under the influence of Mahatma Gandhi, the Ayurveda was recognized. Today it seems that Ayurveda more interest for a comprehensive approach to the welfare of the medical part (the latter is becoming more and more medical research continuously) generate.

Ayurveda goes back to the origin of the Vedas - the Atharva - Veda particular - hymns India. Ayurveda is a branch of Atharva Veda. Therefore upaveda subordinated Vida. Originally, it was mainly on the principles contained in the healing Atharva - Veda tone or language. The hymns and possibilities for healing and read out was easy, according to the text, and the ability to heal everything. No drugs, as we know it today, developed so far. Then came two medical treatises, Charaka Samhita Sushruta Samhita, details and Ayurveda form. In Indian universities, the students with Hrdayam Astanga Vagbhata a simplified summary of the first two works, especially in southern India. Sushruta Samhita and Sushruta in the first millennium BC. Dwivedi Dwivedi (2007) - for the work of the surgeon - Sushruta wrote:

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